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TFS 2012: Manually Trigger a Workspace Reconcile

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Gated check-ins in TFS are awesome. They mean that any code checked in by your team will be built, tested, analysed and verified before committing to your source control repository. If the code doesn’t build, unit tests fail, or even if code analysis throws a load of errors, the check-in gets sent back to the […]

Generate Release Notes by Querying TFS 2012 for Work Items

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Full code for this post can be found here: I’ve used a few ALMs, Build Managers, Source Code Repositories over the years and I’d dipped into TFS now and again, but recently I really got to see what TFS 2012 can really do. I remember back when TFS 2005 came out and watching a […]

Implementing a log4net logging service and injecting through autofac

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SOLID principles state in the Dependency Inversion Principle that you should depend upon abstractions, not implementations. With that in mind, services should not be creating instances of log4net loggers, rather depending on an abstraction of that service. However, creation of a log4net logger requires the type to be passed in when it is instantiated. For […]