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TFS 2012: Manually Trigger a Workspace Reconcile

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Gated check-ins in TFS are awesome. They mean that any code checked in by your team will be built, tested, analysed and verified before committing to your source control repository. If the code doesn’t build, unit tests fail, or even if code analysis throws a load of errors, the check-in gets sent back to the […]

Generate Release Notes by Querying TFS 2012 for Work Items

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Full code for this post can be found here: I’ve used a few ALMs, Build Managers, Source Code Repositories over the years and I’d dipped into TFS now and again, but recently I really got to see what TFS 2012 can really do. I remember back when TFS 2005 came out and watching a […]

Using packages in NuGet without commiting binaries to SCM using NuGet PowerTools

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As you can probably see from previous posts, I’ve been using NuGet a lot lately and I definately see it as the way forward for managing dependencies. We’ve been using a private NuGet server to publish common assemblies build via our continuous integration server, and allows us to push updates out to projects. The Problem […]

Creating a Private NuGet repository and Creating Packages (Part 2)

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For creating a Private NuGet Repository – See Part 1 Creating the Packages To create the packages themselves, you’ll need the NuGet Command Line package installed on your system (this can be installed using NuGet). Next go to the command line and change to your project’s directory. Issue the following command… Nuget spec MyProject.sln … […]