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Search Everything Script :-)

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This is a useful script I use for searching (almost) everything in SQL Server – object names, column names, contents etc. It’s been improved on over the years, although I’m not sure of the original source. It’s been very useful though, particularly for finding table references in stored procs etc. Hope it helps someone. Chris […]

Allow startup daemons on StorCenter IX2-200 NAS (and other Soho based devices)

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It’s useful once you’ve added packages to the StorCenter IX2-200 to have certain daemons start when the device starts up. I know from having a dodgy dishwasher that trips the power on certain cycles (yes I know I should have a UPS :-)) that it becomes annoying pretty fast to have to SSH onto your […]

Installing Optware and SABnzbd+ on the Iomega StorCenter IX2-200

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I’ve recently purchased an Iomega StorCenter IX2-200 and it’s a great bit of kit. Besides other things it supports RAID-1, TimeMachine, DLNA and iSCSI out of the box. Like a lot of things, I quickly went from exploring what it does, to trying to figure out how it does it. I discovered it was running […]