TFS 2012: Manually Trigger a Workspace Reconcile

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Gated check-ins in TFS are awesome. They mean that any code checked in by your team will be built, tested, analysed and verified before committing to your source control repository. If the code doesn’t build, unit tests fail, or even if code analysis throws a load of errors, the check-in gets sent back to the developer for more work.

Visual Studio basically creates a shelveset for you which it sends to TFS for validation and includes a handy little tool which alerts you when your validation build is complete and if the code passes and is committed, allows you to reconcile your workspace. Once or twice though, I’ve found that this tool doesn’t alert. How do you in that case, reconcile? It’s not immediately obvious, but you need to find your build using Team Explorer, and click the Actions menu at the top. There you’ll find a reconcile option.

Reconcile Workspace

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