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Allow startup daemons on StorCenter IX2-200 NAS (and other Soho based devices)

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It’s useful once you’ve added packages to the StorCenter IX2-200 to have certain daemons start when the device starts up. I know from having a dodgy dishwasher that trips the power on certain cycles (yes I know I should have a UPS :-)) that it becomes annoying pretty fast to have to SSH onto your […]

Installing Optware and SABnzbd+ on the Iomega StorCenter IX2-200

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I’ve recently purchased an Iomega StorCenter IX2-200 and it’s a great bit of kit. Besides other things it supports RAID-1, TimeMachine, DLNA and iSCSI out of the box. Like a lot of things, I quickly went from exploring what it does, to trying to figure out how it does it. I discovered it was running […]